Cantner's Drug store is a full service pharmacy that offers a variety of medication, supplies and over-the-counter items. When you go in our store, you will be greeted with a reception of courtesy and warmth. Our team of professionals will be able to offer you with medically sound advice for all your health concerns and needs. We offer free delivery & pickup service to customers.

Cantner's Drug Store is an independently owned and operated by pharmacists who have years of experience in pharmacy operations and with customer oriented and service driven staff and management.

We take pride in providing quality, courteous and fast service with the right blend of professional care and personal touch. We understand the complex needs of pediatric, adult and geriatric patients and have programs and services to meet their needs.

Our services and programs are custom designed to fit the needs of both individual patients and home healthcare nurses. Cantner's Drug Store believes that the road to recovery and health management ultimately lies in timely prescription administration.

At times of troubled economy and spiraling prices our free delivery and pick up service stands as a Hallmark of all services and provides a beacon of hope and comfort to our customers.

Cantner's Drug Store understands that the quality of life can be improved with medications and Home Healthcare products and our pharmacy is one stop shop for all your Home HealthCare needs. We carry a variety of Home Healthcare products and our knowledgeable pharmacy staff are always available any questions or suggestions. Home Healthcare supplies may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid and by private insurance companies and our qualified personnel handle the complex billing procedures.

So, take a minute and give us an opportunity to serve you and we will show you the difference.